Home Improvement Costs To Budget Your Next Project [INFOGRAPHIC]

Home Improvement costs to budget your next project

One of my favorite sitcoms from the 90’s was Home Improvement, with Tim “The Toolman” Taylor.  The star of the show, Tim Allen, was always fixing up his house, adding mods to his tools, and hosted a home improvement show with his trusty side kick Al.


More often than not, Tim would end up going over budget and usually he would make a huge mistake that would cost the job.

Tim was known for his “manly” grunt and his love of power tools… More Power!


That makes for hilarious TV sitcoms but not to practical for the real world.  Most of us want to have a good handle on how much a home improvement project is going to cost and try to stay on budget.

Below is an infographic to help you gauge how much the most common home improvement projects cost approximately.


The True Cost Of Home Improvement Infographic


HOme IMprovement Costs - Home Advisors
This infographic provided courtesy of: Home Advisors


Approximate Home Improvement Project Costs


Additions and Remodeling


Install A Shower – $3,165

Install A Bathtub – $2,896

Bathroom Remodel – $9,313

Install A Faucet – $242

Install Cabinets – $4,560

Reface Cabinets – $6,688

Install Countertops – $2,667

Refinish Cabinets – $2,564

Kitchen Remodel – $20,474

Install Flooring – $2,852


Lawn And Garden


Trim or Remove Trees and Shrubs – $667

Sprinkler Repair – $227

Mow and Maintain a Lawn – $160

Remove Leaves – $313

Sprinkler System Maintanence – $81

Install Sod – $1,735




Repair Deck  – $1,422

Seal or Waterproof Deck – $789

Install Sprinkler System – $2,457

Build A Deck – $6,915

Install Landscaping – $3,195

Install Patio or Pathway – $3,010




Repair a Boiler – $348

Repair a Furnace – $268

Install a Furnace – $3,921

Clean Ducts and Vents – $339

Install an A/C Unit – $5,234

Repair an A/C Unit – $315




Repair a Roof – $676

Install a Roof – $6,868

Clean a Roof – $410

Install Holiday Lighting – $378

Hire a Roof Inspector – $223


Doors and Window


Install Windows – $4,759

Replace Window Glass – $250

Install Weather Stripping – $245

Clean Windows – $206

Install Garage Door – $1,063

Repair a Garage Door – $213

Install a Door – $867

Install a Screen – $276

Repair a Door – $221




Paint Home Exterior – $2,594

Paint Home Interior – $1,669




Install Water Heater – $943

Install New Plumbing Pipes – $1,058

Install a Faucet – $242

Repair a Clogged Drain – $200

Repair a Water Heater – $501

Install a Sump Pump – $1,062

Install a Septic Tank – $4,610

Hire a Plumber – $299




Install Ceiling Fan – $242

Install Electrical Wiring – $1,285

Hire an Electrician – $322

Install Lighting Fixture – $439

Install a Generator – $3,225




If you are in the market to do some home improvements I think it is a good idea to do some research to get an idea of what you should budget.

This infographic, provided by Home Advisors, is just a gauge.  However, it should be useful in planning what project you want to take on when getting ready to sell or after you buy your next Puget Sound area home.

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