A stunning second home for ⅛ the cost

Responsible, turnkey ownership

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Pacaso is the smarter, more responsible way to buy and enjoy a second home. Co-own a second home with spectacular design and luxury amenities in a dream location — at ⅛ the cost. Purchase the amount of ownership that’s right for you, and Pacaso takes care of rest.

And with their satisfaction guarantee, transfer benefit, easy resale and full-service management, you’ll be confident you made the right choice. Even in times of economic uncertainty, historical data shows that real estate remains resilient.

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Browse Pacaso’s luxury homes in over 40 world-class destinations. Walk through any home virtually or in person. I can help you choose the amount of ownership that’s right for you, starting at ⅛.

Get financing for up 70% of your purchase. Pacaso creates a property LLC for each home, brings together co-owners and handles all the sales details. We’ll walk you through how to schedule time in your home.

Pacaso homes are professionally designed and fully furnished, and Pacaso handles all the maintenance, upkeep and billing. It’s hassle-free, turnkey ownership.

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Frequently asked questions about vacation homes for sale:

Is this a timeshare? No. With Pacaso, you own a true real estate asset, not a block of time. You can book stays throughout the year, and resale is streamlined.
Who takes care of the home? Pacaso handles the management, including furnishings, repairs and bill payment. No need to worry about maintenance or upkeep — just show up and relax.
How much time do I get in my home? Each 1/8 ownership gives you up to 1/8 of the total time, and you can schedule stays throughout the year. Pacaso’s fair and flexible system lets you book time in your home anywhere from two days to two years in advance.
Are there additional fees? The home’s operating expenses (utilities, taxes, insurance, etc.) are shared pro rata among the owners. Pacaso handles all budgeting and bill payment, and passes these expenses through to owners monthly, with no markup. Pacaso charges a $99 monthly management fee for their services.