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King County is the only jurisdiction in the world named for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

King County is Washington's Largest County and Home to the Emerald City.   One of the many reasons we 💚 King County real estate.

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It borders Snohomish County on the North, the Cascade Mountains on the East, the Puget Sound on the West and Pierce County on the South.

It covers 2,131 square miles and houses 30 cities and towns including; Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Renton and Kent.

As of 2018 the estimated population was 2,223,193 residents.

What Makes King County so special?


Pier 57

Pier 57

It is home to one of the most vibrant cities in the world on the edge of the wilderness with farms, beaches, forests and cozy small towns.

Some of the most famous companies in the world were formed and headquartered in King County such as; Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Nordstrom and Costco.

You can find an international airport, lighthouses, ferry boats, the Space Needle, rivers, lakes, beaches, gourmet restaurants, small batch roasted coffee houses, islands, micro-brew pubs, floating bridges, coliseums, the Seahawks, the Mariners, hiking trails, Mt Baker Snoqualmie National Forest, Ballard locks, University of Washington, casinos, resorts, wineries,  country clubs, marinas, malls, waterfalls, the Great Wheel, museums, theaters, arboretums, concert halls and so much more.

Owning a Home In King County


There are 30 cities and towns located in King County and each one offers something a little different.

Home prices are the highest in a small city called Medina.  It is a small city that is adjacent to Bellevue and borders Lake Washington.  It is just a short bridge drive to Seattle.

The second most expensive city is Mercer Island.  It is a desirable place to live as it is located a short bridge ride to both Seattle and Bellevue.  Many homes are on or near water.

Bellevue is the 3rd most expensive city and offers a unique combination of urban life and unique residential spaces.

Sammamish is the 4th most expensive city and is located on the Eastside of Lake Washington and is centered around Lake Sammamish.

Newcastle is the 5th most expensive city located on the Eastside of Lake Washington and South of Bellevue.

Kirkland is the 6th highest priced area.

Redmond (home of Microsoft) is the 7th highest priced.

Finally, Seattle, surprisingly is only the 8th highest priced city in King County. (according to NWMLS Infosparks 2/22/2020) 

Within Seattle are many prominent neighborhoods that each have their own price ranges.

West of Lake Washington the prices tend to decrease as you head North toward Snohomish County and South from Seattle and the closer you get to HWY 99 / Aurora Ave and away from water.

East of Lake Washington the prices tend to decrease as you head north and south of Bellevue and East of Lake Sammamish.

There are currently (2/22/2020) 3,111 homes for sale in King County.

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King County Natural Features
  • 353 miles of wastewater pipes
  • 2,369 stormwater control facilities
  • 4 sewer treatment plants
  • 920 acres of landfill
  • 700 low impact development sites
  • 8 solid waste transfer stations
  • 500 flood facilities totalling 119 miles
  • 28,000 acres of parks
  • 200 parks
  • 215 miles of trails
  • 38 inches of annual rain fall
  • 760 lakes
  • 6 rives
  • 3,000 miles of streams
  • 100 miles of marine coastline
  • 3 protected species of salmon
  • 850,000 acres of forest lands
  • 2,131 square miles
  • 2,223,193 population
  • 12th most populated county in the US
  • 975 wetlands



King County PARKS


  • Auburn Narrows Natural Area
  • Bassett Pond Natural Area
  • Big Bend and Landsburg Natural Areas
  • Big Finn Hill Park
  • Bingaman Pond Natural Area
  • Black Diamond Open Space
  • Boulevard Lane Park
  • Boxley Creek Site
  • Bridle Crest Trail Site
  • Bryn Mawr Park
  • Burke Gilman Trail Site
  • Camelot Park
  • Canyon Creek Natural Area
  • Carnation Marsh Natural Area
  • Cavanaugh Pond
  • Cecil Moses Memorial Park
  • Cedar Downs Site
  • Cedar Grove Road Natural Area
  • Cedar River to Lake
  • Sammamish Trail Site
  • Cedar River Trail Site
  • Chinook Bend Natural Area
  • Coalfield Park
  • Cold Creek Natural Area
  • Cottage Lake Park
  • Cougar Mountain Regional
  • Wildland Park
  • Cougar/Squak Corridor
  • Covington Natural Area
  • Danville-Georgetown
  • Dick Thurnau Memorial Park
  • Dockton Beach Park
  • Dockton Forest
  • Dockton Natural Area
  • Duthie Hill Park
  • Duvall Park
  • East Lake Sammamish Trail Site
  • East Plateau Trail Site
  • Ellis Creek Natural
  • Evans Creek Natural Area
  • Evans Crest Natural Area
  • Fall City
  • Fall City Natural Area
  • Fall City Park West
  • Five Mile Lake Park
  • Flaming Geyser Natural Area
  • Foothills Trail Site
  • Fred V. Habenicht Rotary Park
  • Gold Creek Park
  • Grand Ridge Park
  • Green River Natural Area
  • Green River Trail Site
  • Green To Cedar Rivers Trail Site
  • Griffin Creek Natural Area
  • Hatchery Natural Area
  • Horsehead Bend Natural Area
  • Hyde Lake Park
  • Inspiration Point Natural Area
  • Instebo Park
  • Island Center Forest
  • Issaquah Creek
  • Issaquah Preston Trail Site
  • Juanita Triangle Park
  • Juanita Woodlands Park
  • Kathryn C. Lewis
  • Kathryn Taylor Equestrian Park
  • Kentlake Athletic Fields
  • Kingsgate Park
  • Klahanie Trail Site
  • Lake Francis Park
  • Lake Geneva Park
  • Lake Joy Park
  • Lake Youngs Park
  • Lake Youngs Trail Site
  • Landsburg Kanaskat Trail Site
  • Landsburg Trailhead
  • Levdansky Park
  • Log Cabin Reach Natural Area
  • Lower Bear Creek Natural Area
  • Lower Newaukum Creek Natural Area
  • Manzanita Natural Area
  • Maple Valley Heights Park
  • Maplewood Heights Park
  • Maplewood Park
  • Marjorie R. Stanley Natural Area
  • Marymoor Park
  • Marymoor Bellevue Ballfield Complex
  • Maury Island Natural Area
  • Maury Island Marine Park
  • May Creek Park - County
  • May Valley Park
  • McGarvey Park Open Space
  • Meridian Jr. High School
  • Middle Bear Creek Natural Area
  • Middle Fork Snoqualmie Natural Area
  • Middle Issaquah Creek Natural  Area
  • Mirrormont Park
  • Mitchell Hill Connector Forest
  • Moss Lake Natural Area
  • Mouth Of Taylor Reach Natural  Area
  • Mullen Slough Natural Area
  • Neill Point Natural Area
  • North Green River Park
  • Northilla Beach Natural Area
  • North Meridian Park
  • Northshore Athletic Fields
  • North Shorewood Park
  • Novelty Hill Little League Fields
  • Paradise Lake Natural Area
  • Paradise Valley Natural Area
  • Park Orchard Park
  • Patterson Creek Natural Area
  • Peterson Lake Natural Area
  • Petrovitsky Park
  • Piner Point Natural Area
  • Pinnacle Peak Park
  • Pipeline Number 5 Trail Site
  • Preston Athletic Fields
  • Preston Mill
  • Preston Park
  • Preston Ridge Park
  • Preston Snoqualmie Trail Site
  • PSE Trail Site
  • Quigley Park
  • Raabs Lagoon Natural Area
  • Raging River Natural Area
  • Rattlesnake Mountain Scenic Area
  • Ravenhill Open Space
  • Ravensdale Park
  • Ravensdale Retreat Natural Area
  • Redmond Ridge Park
  • Redmond Ridge Trail Site
  • Redmond Watershed Addition Park
  • Redmond Watershed Trail Site
  • Renton Park
  • Ring Hill Forest
  • Sammamish River Trail Site
  • Shinglemill Creek Natural Area
  • Sierra Heights Park
  • Sixty Acres Park
  • Skyway Park
  • Snoqualmie Valley Trail Site
  • Soaring Eagle Regional Park
  • Soos Creek 140th Open Space
  • Soos Creek Park and Trail
  • Soos Creek To Lake Youngs Trail Site
  • South County Ballfields
  • Spring Lake/Lake Desire Park
  • Squak Mt/Tiger Mt Corridor
  • Steve Cox Memorial Park
  • Stillwater Natural Area
  • Sugarloaf Mountain Forest
  • Tanner Landing Park
  • Taylor Mountain Forest
  • Three Forks Natural Area
  • Tollgate Farm
  • Tolt River - John MacDonald Park
  • Tolt Pipeline Trail Site
  • Upper Bear Creek Natural Area
  • West Sammamish Trail Site
  • Wetland 14 Natural Area
  • White Center Heights Park
  • White Center Pond Natural Area
  • Whitney Bridge Park
  • Weyerhaeuser King County
  • Aquatic Center

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Federal Way School District
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Highline School District
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Issaquah School District
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Kent School District
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Lake Washington School District
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Mercer Island School District
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Northshore School District
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Seattle Public Schools
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Shoreline School District
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Snoqualmie Valley School District
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Tahoma School District
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Tukwila School District
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Vashon Island School District
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