Instant Cash Offer For A House In Seattle Now Available

instant cash offer for a house in seattle

We have 2 new home selling option thanks to a couple new programs from John L Scott.

  1. Instant Purchase Plus
    • Instant cash offer for a house in Seattle
  2. Market Ready Plus
    • Use our contractors to increase the value of your listing using the equity in your home

2 New Home Selling Programs Video



With this program we have the ability to present you with an instant cash offer for a house in Seattle without putting it on the market.

That means:

  • No Cleaning
  • No Landscaping
  • No Staging
  • No Pictures
  • No Open Houses
  • No Night Time Showings
  • No Waiting For An Offer

Just getting an offer and planning your move out.

How it works:

  1. We fill out a property checklist and along with photos we submit your properties information to the John L. Scott buyers department.
  2. We will present you with a firm cash offer within 48 business hours.
  3. We will discuss the difference between taking the cash offer and putting your home on the open market.
  4. If you accept the cash offer an estimator will perform an in-person home assessment of your property.
  5. If major repairs are needed a credit for the repair costs will be requested.
  6. You decide on a settlement date that works best for you.

You can watch the video here:

Does this sound like an option that you would be interested in?  Would you like to learn more about it?CONTACT US


With this program you can borrow equity against your home with 0% interest to make minor updates and repairs to your home to get it ready for sale.

Sometimes all it takes is new paint and carpet to make a house shine.

There are some stipulations and restrictions to this program.

How it works:Image

  1. First, The Madrona Group real estate team will explain to you how the Market Ready Plus+ program can help maximize the salability and value your home and property
  2. We need to make sure that you have 15% Net Equity in your home.
  3. Then, The Madrona Group will recommend enhancements in order to get your home and property ready to go on the market.
  4. Next, sign a 6 month listing agreement with The Madrona Group and complete the application for enhancement budget.
  5. The Madrona Group will submit your application for enhancement budget.
  6. Once your budget is approved, it’s off to the vendor selection and vendor approval.
  7. The Madrona Group will assist you in the recommendation of vendors and the submission of information for vendor and enhancement approval.
  8. Once approved, it’s time for the vendors to go to work.  The best part – no money out of your pocket is required!  John L. Scott will pay the vendors directly once the work is completed.
  9. Your home is now Market Ready and listed for sale.
  10. John L. Scott will collect payment for the vendor enhancement services on the day of settlement with no interest or fees charged to you.
Market Ready Plus + Examples of work to be done

Examples Of What You Can Enhance:

  • Landscaping
  • Lighting
  • Minor Plumbing
  • Carpet
  • Decluttering
  • Cleaning
  • Staging
  • Minor Electrical
  • Paint

You Can Watch The Video Here:

Does this sound like an option that you would be interested in?  Would you like to learn more about it?CONTACT US

Instant Cash Offer For Your House & Equity Home Improvement Loan Programs Summary

Thanks to the 2 new John L Scott home selling programs we now offer 3 ways to sell your Seattle area home.

1. Instant Cash Offer

2. Equity Line of Credit For Home Improvements

3. Steps to Sales Success Open Market Program

If you are thinking about taking advantage of the current market conditions and are wondering what the best option is for you give us call: 206-899-5155

Video Transcript

hey everybody it’s me jason fox with

johnscott ballard the madrona group one of

the biggest challenges any homeowner has

when they’re thinking about selling

their home

is the hassle of getting the home ready

i’m talking about the time money and the

effort to move

putting everything into storage fix it

up paint carpet

handle deferred maintenance and so on

there’s lots of situations where a

homeowner might take

months getting their home ready for sale

but by that time the market may have

adjusted and opportunities are lost

especially if you’re needing to sell

your home in order to buy another one

i’m really excited to be sharing a new

program at john l scott called market

ready plus

this is a program where we can help you

do all those items including staging

all with no money out of pocket and the

work will be done fast

we also have a new program called

instant purchase plus

working with investors and ibuyers to

purchase your home for

all cash instantly there’s definitely

some pros and cons to working with an

i buyer so

contact me and we can go over those with

you now is an important time to find out

all your options if you’re even thinking

about making a move this year

so i just wanted to let you know i have

access to these amazing plus

programs here at john l scott just

respond to this email or make a comment

below on this video

and we’ll schedule you a zoom call talk

to you soon

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