Get Ready To Sell Your Home With These Spring Cleaning Hacks

Get Your Home Ready To Sell With Spring Cleaning Hacks

Homes being shown have to be clean and clutter-free in order to sell, but we all know that getting started is the hardest part.


Whether you are getting your home ready to sell or are just inspired to do some Spring Cleaning, here are a couple hacks to help you get started.

Spring Cleaning Hacks Infographic

Get Ready To Sell Your Home With These Spring Cleaning Hacks

Set a Time for 5 Minutes

Anyone can find 5 minutes to spare! Start by setting a 5 minute timer, per room and try to beat the clock – setting a time limit breaks down big jobs into manageable tasks.

Freshen Up That Garbage Disposal

Can’t seem to get rid of that kitchen sink smell?  Try cutting up a few lemons, put them in your garbage disposal, and run with cold water to get rid of the smells.

Put Those Old Socks to Work

Cleaning baseboards doesn’t have to break your back!  Spray an old sock with some all purpose cleaner and run your foot along baseboards to get those hard to reach corners.

Re-Purpose Dryer Sheets

Save those dryer sheets!  They can be used to buff hard to clean spots from mirrors, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, shower doors, even stubborn toilet rings and dirty oven racks.

Find Your Inner Marie Kondo

Does it bring you joy?  If not, let it go!  Take some tips from everyone’s favorite organizer, Marie Kondo, and go through your closet item by item.

(Pro Tip:  If you have not worn it for a year consider donating it)

Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

  • Don’t forget about your home curb appeal.  Now is a great time to get started on getting that yard freshened up.
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