Why You Really Need A Real Estate Agent to navigate challenges


With The Right Team At Your Back You Can Overcome Any Real Estate Challenge

In this video Joe Kiser interviews Jason Fox about a current sale in which we represented our clients as both the seller and then as the buyers.

There were many challenges to overcome in these transactions and we share some of those challenges in this video.

A lot of things have to go right to complete a sell and buy transaction and in this one they did not. It is our job to make sure that we keep the transactions moving forward despite the challenges. And our goal is to make it as smooth as possible for our clients along the way.

We document 9 different challenges that we faced getting that transaction to close and a little bit about how we handled them.

Here is what our clients had to say... 

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so Jason today let's talk a little bit
about why do we need a real estate agent
yeah question gets asked all the time
how a good are we hey guys it's the
madrone group real estate team well you
know I think our most recent transaction
is probably a good one to highlight some
of the obstacles that come up in a
transactions yeah won't you tell us kind
of what happened well we so this nice
couple found us online hmm and they
called us into an interview to sell
their home Lynwood nice little inland
home and they were gonna also then buy a
bigger home because they were gonna have
another child and they needed another
bed yeah did you get the listing where
we compete and what was going on um you
know it's sometimes it's hard to tell if
we're competing because you know we come
in and we have this presentation and the
two of us and we're fun and so people
kind of sometimes just hire us competing
but yeah we did get the listing so we
get to sign up get ready to go live goes
live on a Thursday did it take a while
the stuff we got good enough traffic and
we got a buyer I think on this Saturday
or Sunday perfect well I know the market
taught so we probably had no continue
right with any contingency Yeah right no
that's all kind of starting to cool down
a little bit buyers are taking a little
bit back a little bit of their power
back but there was a home inspection oh
the home inspection yeah so the
inspection came back and there was some
stuff yeah well there's always a
honey-do list so is that what was on
here or was running
major issues at all yeah so
unfortunately they called out some
pretty big stuff the seller took the
initiative and went ahead and started
calling contractors and getting bids in
and we were probably done with
everything we thought gosh a week ahead
of time
uh-huh awesome well so then we just
moved right to closing right yeah so the
buyer then wanted to come back in for a
reinfection and we found out that some
of the work had been completed as
expected oh wow was that the honey
idealist stuff or some big stuff a big
stuff big stuff
how many did you pour closer was that
gosh I he was too wasn't it I think
you're right other things happen now
because we've already gone and bought a
house yeah oh yeah they're waiting for
their house to close like get into their
new house yeah so we've got a house
contingent on the sale of this home and
now we have this major work that needs
to be done with two days oh man so you
must have extended or did you just go
walk did the buyers walk away did you
guys extend what did you do well so I
was I was talking to you on the phone oh
that's right yeah and you're like okay
I'm gonna run out there and I'm gonna
talk to her no we're gonna go talk to
these contractors and see what we can do
that's right she had already gone up to
the she already went up to the
contractors office yeah and I felt like
if I felt like she was gonna have to
have a hard time after that got wrapped
up you know we spent the next 48 hours
bringing gift cards babysitting and
really us trying to build relationships
with these contractors yeah yeah cuz
they had to get it done you know whether
you're under a contract that's right
you know combin our sellers down you
know sometimes that's the hardest part
is we have to try to remain neutral when
we want to be real excited and you know
shoot our clients were you know
obviously very upset very concerned the
biggest fear is that the house was gonna
fall apart and they wouldn't
the house of their dreams which is an
amazing house dude we end up closing we
did I think we did need to take an extra
two days that's right we did take a
couple extra day

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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." ~ Gandhi [ Recognized as a top 3.5% agent in the United States. ] [ Jason Fox was born in Everett, WA currently lives in the Meadowdale neighborhood in Lynnwood and has lived in different parts of the Puget Sound area in between. He has been in the real estate industry for 20 years in many different capacities. From General Manager of a real estate CRM engagement business, Founder of 2 real estate marketing agencies, nationally recognized blogger with the Jason Fox Real Estate Marketing Blog, Marketing Manager for a top title and escrow service. ] [ Jason is now an award winning residential real estate sales agent, Co-Founder of The Madrona Group, Co-Owner of John L. Scott Ballard and John L. Scott Westwood. ] [ Active in the community, Jason is a proud part of the Autism Speaks effort to raise awareness for autism. This project is very dear to him as he has an 8 year old son, Hudson, diagnosed ASD. Jason is also involved with Neighbor's in Need, the Forgotten Children's Fund, WELD Seattle and the Union Gospel Mission assisting the homeless population in the greater Seattle area. ] [ "My passion is being able to give back to the community that has given so much to me." ] [ When he is not assisting his friends and family with the services of home ownership he loves being a dad to his 4 children, Carter, Rowen, Tyler and Hudson and being a husband to his amazing wife Sarah. Hiking, working around the house, cheering for the Seahawk's, Mariners and Huskies and golfing. ]

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