She will move mountains to make the impossible possible for you

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I just purchased my first home. It was a journey over multiple months- made especially challenging by trying to make it work as a young single person with very little resources.

I truly believe that I couldn’t have done it with any buyers agent besides Cindi Rice. Attention to detail, honesty, integrity, hustle, tenacity, perseverance- these are all qualities that make a good real estate agent.

What makes Cindi better than the rest is the fact that on top of these qualities, she’s a kind person who truly invests into the people she works with.

If anyone knows the current market, it sometimes can feel insurmountable. Cindi not only knew the facts only learned through experience, but she kept the process human, and helped me to get back up when it tried its hardest to knock me down. Cindi will keep things realistic for you. She wont sugar coat things, but she will also find the silver-lining in every set back.

You may not encounter as many of those set backs as I did, and if you don’t, I’m confident that you will still have an experienced agent with a sense of humor to handle all the little details. I’ll always be grateful to Cindi for helping me find my dream home. I really thought it was impossible at times to accomplish the things that I set out to do. I hope that you pick Cindi to be your agent, because even in a market that changes by the minute- she will move mountains to make the impossible possible for you.


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