Moving to Seattle in the Winter? Here’s How to Prepare

moving to seattle in the winter here is how to prepare

Although Seattle doesn’t have as harsh of winters as the Northeast or Midwest, planning a move during this time of year isn’t the easiest. Regardless of the season, many people view moving as a high-demand process and can be overwhelming at times.

Not only does the Seattle area get snow, but also quite a bit of rain. In addition to these weather conditions, low temperatures can also impact your move, creating icy road conditions. Despite the colder weather in the winter, there are plenty of positives that come with moving to Seattle in the winter.

To make the most of your move, here are some ways to ensure your move to Seattle is a seamless experience. 

What’s Life Like in Seattle? 

If you’re thinking about moving to Seattle, you’re not alone. With Seattle being the third fastest-growing city in the US, there are numerous reasons why people are relocating to The Emerald City.

With an increase in remote working, people now more than ever have control over where they live. With an increase in tech jobs, plenty of waterfront fun, and beautiful green scenery, Seattle is full of opportunities.

With a population of around 762,000 people, the city is diverse with people from all around the world. Seattle is also a young city, with an average age of 35. 

What are the Benefits of Moving During the Winter Months? 

No matter the season, moving can be a stressful time. Depending on where you’re relocating from, you may experience cold, wet weather that leads to slippery road conditions.

If you move around November or December, you’ll also need to consider holiday plans and allocate the time needed to spend packing. To avoid these challenges, it’s best to plan ahead. Although you may need to bundle up during this time of year, there are reasons why you should consider moving during the winter. All it takes is a little preparation. 

Low Demand for Moving Companies 

Oftentimes, packing to move requires a good bit of planning and coordination. Hiring a moving company can help save you time and stress. One benefit of moving to Seattle during the winter is demand for movers is lower than in the summer months. With more options available to you, take your time researching moving companies that meet your needs. Getting estimates from several companies can help you in the decision-making process and get you the best service for the best deal. 

Lower Moving Costs and More Flexibility 

With low demand for movers comes more flexible costs. Due to companies having less demand during this time of year, rates are often reduced as an incentive for potential customers.

Hand-in-hand with saving money, your belongings are less likely to overheat like they can during the summer months, saving you the time and money it takes to replace these items. With demand being lower, you as a mover may also get more say in dates and times when it comes to choosing when to move. 

How Should I Prepare for My Move? 

Just like with moving during any time of the year, winter moves take a good amount of planning to execute seamlessly. 

Some tips for moving during the winter include: 

  • Pick your pass: If you are moving from out of state you will have to cross one our mountain passes to get to the city. If you will be driving the moving truck make sure you scout your preferred pass and find out if snow chains are necessary
  • Confirm dates and details with movers: Be sure to confirm dates and times with your movers so you can better prepare 
  • Clean up your sidewalks: If you’re moving from a snowy, icy area, be sure to clear your walkways to avoid any slips or trips when transferring your belongs to a truck 
  • Cover your floors: Wet weather can create muddy conditions. Covering your floors with tarps can help keep the floors in your home clean
  • Keep winter gear close: It’s a good idea to keep boots and gloves at hand. Bundle up and keep winter gear at hand 
  • Allow for extra time: Keep an eye on weather conditions and understand delays can be a possibility 

Moving to Seattle in the Winter Summary

Moving to Seattle is an exciting life event. No matter the time of year you choose to relocate, there are plenty of things Seattle has to offer.

Due to the more mild winter climate in Seattle and the surrounding areas you will find that moving during the winter months should not be that difficult of a task.

If you’re thinking about moving to Seattle, consider using our team to help you find a home. 

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