How Long Does It Take To Get A House On Market and Sold

How Long Does It Take To Get A House On Market and Sold


Selling Your Home Does Not Need To Be a Long Drawn Out Process

In this video Joe Kiser interviews Jason Fox about a recent sale in which we represented the seller and how she called us only 3 days before she wanted to go on the market.

Every real estate deal is unique and there are always a million variables. Factors to consider that differ whether we are representing a buyer or seller.

In this real estate deal we represented a seller. She had inquired about selling her townhouse in Mountlake Terrace on a Tuesday afternoon and asked us how long would it take to get her home on the market and sold.

While we can not promise how long it will take to sell we can get a house on the market in just a day if it needs to be.

Watch the video to find out how long it took us to receive a call from a client, do a listing presentation, get a home on the market and get it sold.


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Hey guys today I'm gonna talk to you about the time it takes to bring a house to the market.  A lot of the times we encounter different sellers and they think it's gonna take months and months or we can't move fast. I am gonna tell a story today with Jason, about the time we met somebody on Tuesday and we actually had a sold sign on their house the next Tuesday.

Remember that time, Jason, we were driving down the road and I got that call from Mrs Johnson?

I do remember.

They totally caught us off guard.


What did I say when she said how much time do you need?

Well you know you were bragging, you're like, we only need one day to get this thing rocking and rolling and get it sold.

Yeah, so that was Tuesday when did we meet them?

What happened was is that they called on Tuesday and they said we want you to come over and interview you guys on Wednesday against a couple other agents and so we went out there Wednesday to do the listing appointment. They loved the listing appointment and they said let's get on the market tomorrow.

That's right so we're there Tuesday we went live Thursday obviously we probably did not have enough time to market it and get it out there did we?

Of course we did everything. We caught a lucky break because she was a photographer by profession so she had her pictures ready to go.

Yeah that was helpful.

That was.  Otherwise, we got everything out that we normally do. We did all of our digital advertising all of our normal print marketing and everything we should.

Do we still have it listed?

No, we did what we do in a hot market and we put it on the market on Thursday and then we do an offer review day for next falling Tuesday. We did an open house Saturday and Sunday, and I think we each got about 10 families through.

Yes something like that.

Tuesday came and we got multiple offers.

Wow okay so did you find an offer that was acceptable?

We did, we got an all-cash offer for slightly over asking price!

On Tuesday you had never even met these people.


And the next Tuesday an all cash offer for more than they asked... I bet they were really happy with this.

They were pretty happy. You know they were gonna be moving to San Diego, the mom was retiring, and they got to leave with some cash in their pocket feeling good.

Oh that's right, we went over with the nice little closing gift and they were already on the road.

Yes that happened.

Perfect, well thanks for watching.

Thank you.

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