Buying A Manufactured House Cheat Sheet

Buying a Manufactured House Cheat Sheet

It does not come up often but from time to time our clients do ask about Manufactured Housing as a less expensive alternative.

Take this lovely Everett Manufactured House for example.

1,792 Square Feet | 2 Bedrooms | 2 Baths 


+ Lot Rent of $753 month
Which includes Water, Sewer and Garbage.

Making the actual price (factoring space rental less utilities) approximatly:



A similar single family residential in Everett averages around:


Buying a Manufactured Home can save you about 30%.

Saving Money On A Manufactured House Has A Cost

A Manufactured Home is similar to a car in that the value tends to depreciate.  Meaning the second you drive it off the loft the resale value goes down.

This is especially true if you are renting the space.  If you own the land under the manufactured home you may see some appreciation, but that is due more to the land.

Because of this the financing is more difficult and usually comes at a higher interest rate.

If You Are Considering Buying a Manufactured Home Check Out The Financing Cheat Sheet Below

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