4 Most Influential Architecture Trends in Home Design {Infographic}

4 Most Influential Architecture Trends in Home Design {Infographic}

Architecture is one of the most impactful areas of the design world. We spend the majority of our time inside of buildings built for a specific purpose and the design of those buildings impacts our daily lives. In our homes especially, the design and interior has a massive effect on our mood and routine. In modern society, for many of us our homes are a multi-functional space, for relaxing, work and exercise. For this, we require a space that will cater to these needs. 

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In recent years, architecture has begun to adapt to cater for our needs as a modern society. Recent social developments such as new technology, the climate change crisis and an ageing population have started to have an influence on the way our homes are designed. 

This infographic created by the team at Saxton Blades looks at the 4 most influential architecture trends at the moment that are revolutionising home design. These architecture trends have come about as the result of recent social developments, and no doubt, we can expect to see much more of these trends in the future of home design. Read on to find out more.


Emerging Architecture Trends That are Redefining Living Spaces Infographic


4 Most Influential Architecture Trends in Home Design {Infographic}

Infographic Courtesy of: Saxton Blades


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