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The Northshore School District receives a 9/10 from Great Schools

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Bothell offers a quiet, community feel coupled with a strong, ever growing upscale atmosphere.

Today’s Bothell is hip, convenient and modern! It’s also becoming the go to place to call home for those who want an easy commute to either Seattle, Everett or the Eastside hubs like Bellevue and Kirkland!

What Makes Bothell so special?

Bothell holds the unique distinction of straddling the King and Snohomish county line which makes it attractive for those who work and play in many of the major cities in Puget Sound.

It’s mix of new construction and established communities is an ideal combination for folks looking to call Bothell home. The latest sign of Bothell’s growth is the construction of the Town Center with the currently underway. With exciting new eateries and restaurants such as McMenamins in the old Anderson School is a salute to the on going development of this dynamic city.

Prices for homes can start in the low to mid $300K’s and reach in the $700K to $800K range with some of the new construction luxury homes being built throughout the area.

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View a list of all homes for sale in Bothell WA

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Northshore School District

(425) 408-6000

9/10 Great School Rating

Bothell Parks


City of Bothell has a total of 237.63 acres of parks, open space and trails that includes 19 parks and three sportsfield complexes.  Our parks showcase the Sammamish River, the City’s history and an opportunity to get away from it all.

Bothell Parks

Bothell Restaurants

Restaurant Guide

Bothell Happy Hour

Happy Hour Guide

Bothell Lodging

Lodging Guide

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Bothell Neighborhoods

  • Canyon Creek
  • Canyon Park
  • Downtown Bothell
  • Fitzgerald
  • The Highlands
  • Lake Pleasant/Country Village
  • Maywood/Beckstrom Hill
  • North Creek
  • Norway Hill
  • Pioneer Hills
  • Queensgate
  • Mays Pond
  • Queensborough/Brentwood
  • Riverfront
  • Waynita
  • Westhill
  • Shelton View
  • Thrasher’s Corner

Bothell Shopping

Shopping Guide

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Bothell Real Estate Statistics

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Joe Kiser

Phone: 206.351.0543
Email: [email protected]
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