The Madrona Group is Proud To Launch Our Newest Website


Thank you for stopping by… we know you could be anywhere on the web right now and you have chosen to visit us.  And for that we are honored.

If you have been with us for a while you probably know that we already have a website.

Why another website you may be asking?  First we will tell you a little bit about our first website.


The Madrona Group Homes Website


Our first website is a website that we purchased from a reputable website builder that offers what we believe to be the very best MLS data available.  When you do a search on our site for listings in the Puget Sound area you will get the best results possible.


Why The Best MLS Results


  1. The first thing you will notice is after you do a search you will see in the upper right hand corner a time stamp that tells you how long it has been since our website pulled the latest data.  You would think that all real estate websites would get an instant feed of listings from the MLS… this is not the case.

Some real estate websites only pull data from the MLS once or maybe twice a day, others every few hours.  Our website pulls data as much as the MLS will allow.  This amount of time of varies, but you will know exactly how long it has been and can rest assured it is the fastest possible.

2.  The second thing you will notice is when you pull up the proprietary map search it loads Fast!  Many real estate search pages will take 5 and some much longer, seconds to load that much data.  Our site loads in 3 seconds.  It may not be a huge factor on your first search, but you will notice it by your 3rd search.

3.  The third thing you will notice is that you can search by any category that you can search on any other real estate website and many more than most.


  • Cities
  • Neighborhoods
  • Address
  • MLS #
  • Schools
  • School Districts
  • Zip
  • Area
  • County
  • Keyword
  • Feature
  • Or if you are mobile… Listings that are nearby!

4.  The fourth thing you will notice is how many ways you can filter the results.


  • Price (Highest)
  • Price (Lowest)
  • Most Popular
  • Bedrooms Most
  • Bathrooms Most
  • Acreage (Highest)
  • Acreage (Lowest)
  • Year Built (Newest)
  • Year Built (Oldest)
  • Days On Site (Newest)
  • Days On Site (Oldest)

5.  The fifth thing you will notice is how easy it is to use.  This might actually be the most important to you the user… and perhaps should be listed first.  The user interface offers so many different ways to search and filter and yet still remains intuitive to the average user.

6.  The sixth thing you will notice is how easy it is to save your favorite listings.  Just click the heart icon in the upper right and boom your listing is saved.  From there you can easily create a custom listing alert that sends you new listings that match your search criteria as soon as they hit the system.

Visit The Madrona Group Search Site

The Madrona Group Real Estate Website


Our first website is set up to be an MLS searching machine and that is awesome and we hope you love it.  This website is designed to show off The Madrona Group, our knowledge of real estate, and how much we love and understand the Puget Sound real estate market.

This website offers a host of resources that we hope you will find handy, informational, and/or useful.


1.  Meet The Team

Learn a little bit about what The Madrona Group tick.  Including an introduction to each of our team members.

2.  Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it… find out what our past clients think about doing business with The Madrona Group.

3.  Featured Listings

This is where we showcase our clients listings and show some of our most recent sold listings.

4.  Giving Back

This is the page we are most proud of, we explain how we donate to charity and what charities we donate to.

5.  How To Buy a Home

This page is great if you want to learn more about how to buy a home or the steps involved in the process.

6.  School Info

A map that rates all Puget Sound Schools according to

7.  Financing

Learn more about our team lender and get a hold of him to get pre-qualified.

8.  Real Estate Calculators

Use our mortgage calculator, affordability calculator, and closing cost calculator to find out what you can afford.

9.  Selling Your Puget Sound Home

Interested in using The Madrona Group to list your home… find out what makes us special.

10.  How To Sell Your Home

This page is great if you want to learn more about how to sell your home or the steps involved in the process.

11.  Instant Home Price Estimation

Use this page to enter your home address and get an instant report that shows you comparable real estate data to get an estimation of what your home is worth.

12.  5 Minute On Site Price Consultation

Instant online home pricing tools are great but they can off as much as +/- 20%.  The only way to get an accurate value of your home is to have a real estate broker come to your home and do a price consultation.

13.  Communities

Find out a little bit more about our favorite Puget Sound Communities and what homes are for sale in this areas.

14.  News

This is our blog page.  We will post about local listings that we really love, local neighborhood updates, how to’s and why’s, and our perspective on real estate information.

15.  Contact Us

Contact The Madrona Group for more information, to do a guest blog post, to view a listing, to schedule a price consultation, or just ask a question.

16.  My Account

This links to your saved searches, or email alerts on our first website.


Thank You

Again, thank you for stopping by and reading our humble blog post.  We hope you find something on our sites that you find useful… and look forward to working with you (again) in the near future.




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Jason Fox is a father, a real estate broker, a marketing specialist, and a friend.Being born and raised in the Pacific Northwest he has a unique and interesting perspective on local real estate that he can't wait to share with you.Jason lives in the Meadowdale neighborhood and hopes to see you out walking, at the park, at the movies, on a trail, on Stevens Pass, on the beach, at a lake, at a Seahawks or Mariners game, or just commenting on the blog.

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