Buy a New House Without Going Contingent with the New John L. Scott Buyer Ready Plus + Program

Buy Your Next Home Without Going Contingent


Trying To Buy A House Contingent On Your House Selling Is Hard In A Seller’s Market

Joe talks about one of three new programs that are being rolled out by John L. Scott.  The Buyer Ready Plus + Program.

New John L. Scott Program offers you the ability to buy your next house without having to sell your home first. Buyer Ready Plus +.Click To Tweet

The other two are the Market Ready Plus + Program and the Instant Purchase Plus + Program.

We are currently in a seller’s market (2/22/2020) and that means that there is a shortage of homes for sale.  When that happens sellers can be more picky about what offers they accept.  No seller wants to accept a contingent offer if they do not have to.

If you are a contingent buyer that puts you in a poor negotiation position.

With the Buyer Ready Plus + program you do not need to sell your house first or make the sale contingent on your house selling in order to buy a new house.

John L. Scott will Bridge the difference in dollars until your house does sell and then collect their payment.


  • Minimize your up front costs by financing up to 75% of the combined value of your existing home plus the cost of the new home with an interest-only loan
  • Eliminates the need for a “home for sale” contingency on the purchase of your next home, making your purchase offer substantially more appealing for a seller to accept
  • Your loan will automatically refinance to a lower loan amount for the new home with proceeds from your current home’s sale
  • We make it simple and seamless with one application and one approval process


Use our home pricing tool to get an instant estimate of the current value of your home.



Hi everybody it is Jason Fox with The Madrona Group and today I’m going to talk abou, uh oh what am I talking about?


Hey, what’s going on Joe?

Sorry I’m late but man have you seen the stuff that John L. Scott is rolling out right now? I have it right here.

What have we got?

We’ve got three amazing programs coming up?

Awesome, I guess that is what we’re talking about.

Yeah let’s do it.

Joe here I got one more program to talk to you about that John L Scott’s rolling out it is called Buyer Ready plus +. What John L. Scott has done is they’ve made a way for you to buy a home before you put your house on the market without having to go contingent. They will actually loan money based on the equity in your current home.

You can go shop find the home you like, make a non-contingent offer, get,that offer accepted, get moved in and then bring your house to market.

Thanks for watching. If you have any questions about this program or any other John L. Scott programs please reach out to us at

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